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July 20, 2017

Diagnosing dementia is not a straight forward scientific yes or no, there is no single test that can give a correct answer but doctors look for signals through medical assessments. The medical evaluation includes looking through medical histories this includes families medical history, mental status and mood testing, physical and neurological exams and tests such as blood and brain imaging with some memory testing also. There is specialist that diagnose dementia and these include Neurologist, Psychiatrist and Psychologist, all deal with the brain, memory and mental functions. 

The neurologist diagnoses dementia by scanning the brain and looking at how the size of the brain and areas of the brain are affected by the disease. Psychiatrist look at how people memorize things and can remember lo...

July 5, 2017

It is so common that we hear that families are not ready to place their family member because they would feel guilty about placing them. We have an answer to this problem and that is, come for a tour at our ComfortCare Homes in Pittsburg. After the tour families realize that this is a house and their family member will be coming to a new home, not a facility.

Many families feel guilty putting their family member in a facility because it is less personalized, there are rules and there are so many people. We understand this but at ComfortCare we have 15 residents and our ratios of staff to residents is so low that we really get one on one time with residents. At ComfortCare Homes of Pittsburg, LLC there are no rules other than nothing that can be harmful to our residents, families can come an...

June 27, 2017

Independence day is coming upon us and for most people, it means parties, fireworks, and fun but for someone with Dementia, it means confusion, loud booming, and bad memories. 

Parties, in general, are hard for people who have Dementia because there are many faces some that the loved one hasn't seen in years and they probably don't remember. There is also that awkward introduction of 'do you remember so-and-so', along with that is 'do you remember the time when?' This can frustrate the loved one with Dementia because they can feel bad for not remembering someone or an event they should remember. Mix that with children running around yelling and loud booming from fireworks, it can really push someone over the edge and they can become combative. Name tags can be helpful at these events and al...

June 22, 2017

One common question we get from people who don't know what ComfortCare Homes of Pittsburg offers is "how are you different from any other nursing home?" Today we are answering that question. ComfortCare Homes of Pittsburg is a home plus which means we are based out of a house rather than a large facility. 

The first thing that sets ComfortCare apart from every other nursing home in Pittsburg or surrounding area is we are based out of an actual house. We have two house that has no more than 12 people in each house, so we can offer more personalized care to those who have a memory implement and we compete with the same prices in the surrounding area. Being in a house takes away the guilt for families and stress on the loved one because they are moving from a house to a house. We have a CNA an...

June 13, 2017

Not that there are rules for Dementia but there are some general guidelines to help families and caregivers understand their family or resident and this is a general guide of what to do and what not to do. There are about eight guidelines so let us count them down.

Guideline #8- Don't Argue instead Accept:
This one is a hard one to get at first but it is important if a loved one says that the sky is orange then the sky is orange that day. When people try and argue with the resident that the sky isn't orange all it does is frustrate and confuse the resident. More than likely the resident will forget they said it was orange in the first place, in this disease what matters is not facts but feelings. So being 'right' is less important that their peace and contentment. 

Guideline #7- Never Demand...

June 5, 2017

"When is a good time to place my loved one in a home?" "My loved one has just been diagnosed with Dementia should I start looking now?" "I can take care of my loved one at home why would I need to place them?" 

All these questions are common when families hear their loved one has dementia and all these answers vary but here is some helpful advice. First and foremost ComfortCare Homes is a good option for those struggling with dementia because it is small and a home-like setting that takes away most of the confusion and shock of transferring from home to facility instead they are transferring from home to home. The reasons why a loved one should be placed in a home can be a very long list but here are some key points. Taking care of someone with dementia can be difficult because their minds...

May 31, 2017

Summer can be a fun time for people of every age but it can be dangerous for those who have Alzheimer's or any memory impairment.

May 24, 2017

Every little bit helps to support those with Alzheimer's by providing financial needs for research, care, and support.

May 23, 2017

As the years go by the cost of living goes up and so does people's age, the number one question asked by those of an older demographic is 'how can I afford home care, nursing home or assisted living?' Although we think of long-term care as only needed for the elderly it can be needed by anyone who can no longer independently perform basic needs such as bathing, eating or dressing due to an illness, injury or cognitive disorder. The care can be provided by private homes, assisted living, adult day care, hospice or nursing homes.

May 22, 2017

Dementia is so much more than Alzheimer's learn more about the different types of dementia

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